Everything you always wanted to know about exploring Earth with seismology

A new addition to The Geological Society of America’s Memoir series, this comprehensive volume presents the worldwide history (1850 to 2005) of seismological studies of Earth’s crust. Authors Claus Prodehl of Universit├Ąt Karlsuhe, Germany, and Walter D. Mooney of the U.S. Geological Survey have achieved the Herculean task of compiling into this one volume the results of all major field projects, land and sea, that have used man-made seismic energy sources to explore Earth’s crust.

First is a general synthesis of all major seismic projects on land as well as the most important oceanic projects during the time period 1850 to 1939, with more detailed coverage from 1940 onward. After the initial overview, history and results are subdivided into a separate chapter for each decade, with the material ordered by geographical region. Each chapter highlights the major advances achieved during that decade in terms of data acquisition, processing technology, and interpretation methods.

For all major seismic projects, Prodehl and Mooney provide specific details regarding the field observations, interpreted crustal cross section, and key references. They conclude the memoir with global and continental scale maps of all field measurements and interpreted Moho contours. An accompanying DVD contains important out-of-print publications and an extensive collection of controlled-source data, location maps and crustal cross sections.

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